Unveiling 10 DIY Survival Tools that can Keep you Alive in the Wild

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Without access to technology, necessities, or emergency services, you need to have tools that will keep you alive. Let's explore 10 DIY survival tools that can keep you active in the Wild! When you are stranded in the Wild, the first thing that should come to your mind is how you can survive. You would need tools that will help you fight the harsh conditions of nature.

There are times when people get lost during camping or hiking, resulting in being stranded for several days. It is essential to know some basic survival skills to keep you alive in the wild. Below are some of the essential tools that can help you survive in case you get stranded.

1) A Knife

A knife is one of the most important tools because it can be used for hunting, skinning animals, and other tasks. The best option would be a fixed blade knife

2. Spontaneous Water Filter

If you ever find yourself stranded without a water filter, you can always make your own using cotton balls and two containers with holes at the bottom of them. Put the cotton balls in one container and fill it with dirty water. Then put that container on top of another container and let the dirty water drain into the bottom container. The water will then drip through the cotton balls that have trapped all impurities and clean your drinking water.

3) Tap and Drill

Find a tree that you can tap into to get fresh water. Drill a hole in the tree and create a small spout on the side of the tree, but make sure it drips as opposed to pours. If you drill too large of a hole, the water will pour out and be wasted. Nothing is getting through if it doesn't pour out, and you need to try a different spot.

4) Salt Water to Fresh Water

If you find yourself stranded without clean drinking water, add saltwater to your freshwater supply. There are no bacteria in saltwater, so if the two mix, the bacteria from the saltwater will die and become drinkable.

5) A Water Bottle Rocket

Suppose you have a plastic bottle, a balloon, some twine, and a piece of paper or aluminum foil. You can make this easy to construct a water rocket. Put items together on top, tie the balloon to the bottom of the bottle, and then spin it around in circles. When you let go of the bottle, it will shoot into the sky and burst, releasing fresh drinking water!

6) DIY Survival Tarp Shelter

To have a shelter when stranded outdoors, you will need a heavy-duty tarp or other plastic sheeting and some rope. The rope doesn't need to be very thick, just firm. Tie the ropes between two trees, and then stretch your plastic sheeting on top of that. Then cover it with branches if you can find any around.

7) DIY Survival Tarp Sink

If you don't have a sink in your shelter when camping outdoors, use a tarp. Stuff the bottom of your plastic sheeting with leaves and other debris to hold it up, and then fill the center with water. It will take about an hour or so, but all the debris will fall to the bottom, and you can drink that freshwater!

8) DIY Survival Water Filter

If you need to be able to purify your water, make a survival water filter. All you need is some activated charcoal (you should get it from a pet store), an empty bottle or container, and some string. Make a small pouch out of the string and stuff it with activated charcoal. Then lower that pouch into your dirty water bottle and let all the impurities get trapped in the pouch. When you pull it back up, you will have clean drinking water!

9) Debris Hut

If you are stranded outdoors in cold weather, make a debris hut for shelter. This will trap your body heat to keep you warm and comfortable. You must complete this shelter waterproof if possible.

10) DIY Survival Straw Filter

If all else fails, you can always use nature to purify water with a straw filter. This will get rid of all the bacteria from your water, so it is safe to drink.

11) Portable Solar Still

To get fresh water, you can use a portable solar still. This works because the sun heats the soil inside and, with proper drainage, releases humidity in the air (that's why deserts are so dry). Then that humidity condenses on a sheet of plastic and collects as freshwater. If you don't have any tools with you, make a digging stick out of a sturdy branch. This will allow you to dig in the ground for grubs and other insects, which will help keep your energy up while stranded.

12) Emergency Shelter from Trash Bags

In a survival situation, staying protected from rain, wind, or snow can be life-saving! Make an emergency shelter using a large trash bag and sticks. Cut the bottom of the trash bag and spread it out on the ground. Then pile sticks around the outside, stacking them as high as you want for protection from wind or wet soil. Tie ropes to make loops at the top of each stick so you can keep your shelter together.

13) Cooking Pots from Cans and Bottles

If you find yourself stranded without a cooking pot, find two cans or bottles of the same size. Cut off the bottoms and make sure they fit perfectly together (not too snug and not too loose). They can be used as a stove-top cooking utensil to boil water for food. Be careful when you cook because the cans may get hot or explode!

14) Survival Tin Can Candle Holder Extender

If you're stranded outdoors and need a candle but don't have a holder, make one using a small tin can and some twine! Punch some holes into the side of the tin can. Then run twine through each hole and tie it together on top to make a holder for your candle. You'll have light at night, so you don't get accidentally crushed by debris or wander off cliffs in darkness.

15) Fire Starter from Household Items

All you need to make a fire starter is a cotton ball and a toothpick. Squeeze the cotton until it becomes compacted in your hand, then use the toothpick to poke a hole through one side. Fold the other end over and put some wax from a candle inside. Light the outside of your cotton, and it'll start to burn. Once the cotton is burning, throw it into a pile of leaves and sticks so you can build your fire!

16) Paracord Saw Cord

Paracord might not seem important in a survival situation, but it's one of the most valuable things you can have when stranded outdoors. Take your paracord out and attach a sharp piece of metal to one end. Then use it like a saw to cut branches from trees or even other people!

17) Emergency Water Catcher

In a survival situation, water is essential. You can make an emergency water catcher using two bottles - one smaller than the other so it can fit inside. Cut the bottom off of one bottle and secure it to the top of the giant bottle. Then, you can turn this contraption upside down in a time of need, and water will drip from the smaller bottle into the larger one for safe drinking!

18) Survival Compass using Household Items

If you find yourself stranded without a compass, use two pieces of wire shaped into the form of the letter "N." Use one piece to hold up your hands and another to touch one pointer at a time. The "N" will point north!

19) Self-Defense from a Ballpoint Pen

In a survival situation, you never know who's going to come around the corner. Maybe it'll be someone like a wild animal or even another person who wants to steal your supplies! If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you've got a pen on hand. Self-defense experts say that if you jab an assailant with one end, it can be hazardous, mainly because it's made of hard plastic. Stab them in the eyes for maximum damage!

20) Signal Mirror from a CD or DVD

A mirror is great if you need to signal other people for help, but you can make your own using any reflective surface if you find yourself stranded without one. A CD or DVD works perfectly! Just place it face up, then reflect the sun's rays onto a nearby surface. Voila! You've got your signal mirror.

21) Fire from Non-Toxic Plants

You can find tons of plants perfect for starting fires without using toxic chemicals like lighter fluid or gas in nature. Cattails and milkweed are two of the best plants since they can create a flame from sticks and leaves!

22) Survival Snares from Everyday Items

If you're stranded in the Wild without food, survival snares will become your new best friend. All you need to make one is a small stick and some cordage. Twist the cord around the stick, then tie it, so it stays in place. Then drop your snare into an animal trail or water source where animals are likely to walk by. The next time an animal comes through this trial, they'll get caught in the stick, and you'll have dinner!

23) Fishing Hook from a Needle

If you find yourself stranded without a fishing hook, make your own from a needle. Just sharpen one end until it's incredibly sharp, then tie it to some cordage and attach it to a long stick for maximum distance when trying to fish. Be sure to use a weight, so you don't lose your hook!

24) Snare Trap

To make this simple snare trap, tie a cord between two trees as high as you can and as strong as possible, then put something heavy like a rock or log near the end of it. Tie another line to the other end and attach a small trigger to it, followed by a noose. When an animal gets caught in the noose, it will trip the trigger and become trapped by the cord between them and whatever is at its end.

25) Hunting Spear

You can make this simple spear with only a knife or machete, a strong stick, and cordage. Sharpen the knife or machete at least an inch into the end of your stick, then lash it tightly to make sure it stays in place (this is where strong cordage comes in). Make a little spearhead for the end of this by sharpening one end of another smaller stick until it's incredibly sharp, then lash it to your stick. The little spearhead should point up the shaft of the giant stick. When you're ready to use it, stab through your prey and lift it!

26) Knife from a Glass Bottle

If you find yourself stranded without a knife or machete for any reason, make one by breaking off the neck of a glass bottle. Just hold the bottom part of the bottle and firmly hit it against another rock or solid surface. Make sure you have something soft behind it, like grass, if it breaks off crooked or uneven. Once it's sharp enough, use your knife to cut through vines, carve arrowheads for hunting traps, and more.

27) Woven Cordage from Palms and Thorns

Palm and thistle vines are great for making woven cords, and all you need to do is twist them like a rope. Once they're twisted into a long enough cord, knot the ends together to create a nice strong weave that will last forever!

28) Bow Drill for Fire

To make this primitive fire-making kit, first find a flat rock and another smaller rock that fits just inside the hole of your flat rock. Use some cordage to tie the smaller rock to a stick upward to spin in place on top of the giant rock. Put some dry grass, leaves, or tinder under the flat rock and start spinning the smaller one with your hands. The heat from this will create an ember that you can blow into flame.

29) Tourniquet

If you're stranded in the woods without any medical supplies, you can use cordage to make a tourniquet. Just wrap it tight around the damaged body part to keep any bleeding from occurring and attach a stick or rock that you can rotate every few minutes for ease of movement until you get out of there and can seek actual medical attention.

30) Bola Trap

To make this primitive hunting trap, first gather two large rocks and one long, strong cordage. Tie one end of the cord to rock and tie another line to the other rock so you can stretch it between both rocks and place it near your prey's path. Next, attach three smaller lines to the main cord: two should be fixed around 5-10 cm from each edge of this cord (one on each end), and one should be about 100 cm away from that, all of them knotted at the top. 

Attach three small pebbles into these knots for easier tripping of your prey. Then, tie some bait to the mainline right under where it is fixed onto the middle rock. When your game goes for the bait, this will trip the mainline and release your rocks to hit them. The pebbles will give it a bit more oomph to take them down. This is an excellent trap for rabbits and other small prey.

31) Knife from a Glass Bottle 

If you find yourself stranded with broken glass but no knife, break off the tip of the bottle to create a potent and sharp edge that you can use for a blade. This is just as effective as a regular knife and could save your life!

32) Spear from a Glass Bottle

If you have to use your broken glass bottle but don't want to risk cutting yourself on the jagged edge, cut off the bottom third of the bottle and carve out the inside with a rock until you have a relatively smooth edge. Then, sharpen one end of this to be your spearhead and use it for hunting small prey or self-defense against predators such as wolves or mountain lions. 

33) Bowl from a Glass Bottle

If you find yourself stranded without any utensils, break off the bottom third of your glass bottle and smooth it out with a rock. You can use this as an eating bowl or even scoop water from puddles to drink. 

34) Fishing Spear

If you have some cordage, you can attach hooks so that they hang down in a V shape on one line, then attach another cable to that one so you can hold it in your hand. Use this to spear small fish by carefully sneaking up on them and impaling them with hooks. You can make several lines like this for catching more than once or cordage across some sticks for larger fish.

35) Spear Trap

To make a spear trap like this one, find a tall tree with some vigorous vines growing up it. Secure your line to the top of the tree so that it is taut enough to pull down any prey that attempts to climb it. Next, tie your stick to the vine at about shoulder height so that when the mainline yanks the stick, it will release a spear from above, which will hit whatever triggered it.


String up some bait just underneath where you're holding onto the spear stick and wait for something to get caught in your Trap!

It is essential to be prepared for the unexpected. The article has many tips and tricks that may help you survive in several different situations if ever faced with them. These DIY survival tools could save your life one day, from what type of food to pack to finding water or shelter. Of course, it's always best not to find yourself in a situation where you need any of this advice, but better safe than sorry!