Be Safe On Biological Warfare

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A biological attack involves the intentional release of a pathogen or biotoxin to cause fatalities, illness, and/or disruption to society or the economy. This can be distinguished from an outbreak, which may not be intentional.

A biological attack or outbreak – and our response – will feel like what we experience during a pandemic. It may take time for officials to identify the outbreak as being humanmade. Regardless of classification, the steps you should take are very similar. The best protection in all of these events is to avoid contamination by the pathogen or biotin through a combination of isolation, smart planning, and proper PPE (personal protective equipment).

Be Safe On Biological Warfare box include:

Rothco Chlor-Floc Us Military Water Purification Tablets

30 tablets come in each box, and each tablet is effective at eliminating giardia, bacteria and viruses. For 1 quart or 1 liter of water, use 1 or 2 tablets - it's that simple! 

Disposable Protective Coveralls (1 unit)

With seal seams and elastic cuffs, waist, and hood opening, this lightweight and comfortable, water- proof garment protects your body from dust, moisture, and airborne substances.

Disposable gloves (6 units)

Waterproof and sturdy, these powder-free medical gloves provide sturdy and anti-slip protection while allowing better dexterity and comfort.

Full Face Respiratory Protection Mask anti dust and gas(1 unit)

With a five-point harness and anti-fogging, scratch-resistant, distortion-free lens, you can breathe – and speak – easily while protecting your lungs from dust and gas. Compatible with RD40mm filter. Durable, comfortable, easy to position properly on the face.

Overshoe Rubber Outsole Material

These Overshoe Rubber Outsole Material boots are perfect for protecting your feet from hazardous materials. Made from latex-rubber, they are stretchier and more resistant to tears and cuts than pure rubber boots. Plus, they have a mid-calf design that will protect your foot, ankle, and lower leg from any potential danger. And because they allow air to circulate, you won't have to worry about your feet getting too hot while you're wearing them. 

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