Lost In the Great Smoky Mountains

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You are lost in the great Smoky Mountains. You won't be lost for long with these essential survival tools! This survival tool will help you to survive being alone and isolated with no food or water for days on end, until searchers find your body thousands of feet below ground level - all thanks to this perfectly designed survival gear.

The perfect kit to help you through any emergency, this box contains everything from a grappling anchor hook and nylon ninja rope in case your shelter gets damaged or destroyed by fire. You'll also find black flashlights that have mini knives attached - perfect for self-defense against bears (or other wild animals). And if all else fails: spikes made of steel hand sharpened at both ends so they're good enough even when used bare handed; plus glow dots which make night time navigation much easier.

Lost In the Great Smoky Mountains box includes:

Grappling Anchor Hook with Nylon Ninja Rope Cadet Bushcraft

The Fury Grappling Hook is a must-have for any adventurer, ninja, or bushcraft enthusiast. This hook is made of heavy-duty midnight black finished steel and folds flat for easy transport and storage. The included 33-foot nylon rope is perfect for scaling walls, climbing trees, or aiding in quick escapes. The military also relies on grappling hooks to remove obstacles from a distance, making the Fury Grappling Hook a necessity for any and all outdoor enthusiasts. Not recommended for children or climbing.

Tactical Black Flashlight With Mini Knife 3 in 1

Bring the latest technology to your fingertips with the Tactical Black Flashlight With Mini Knife 3 in 1. This flashlight is designed with a strike face bezel for self-defense and lens protection, so you can always be prepared. The deep in-set lens reflector creates a tighter beam and brighter hotspot, while the tail switch allows easy one-handed operation of all lighting modes.

Black Steel Spikes Set

These 2pc Black Steel Spikes Sets are perfect for adding that extra bit of realism (and edge!) to your look. Made from high quality powder coated stainless steel, these spikes are built to last. And with the included straps, they're easy to put on and take off. So whether you're dressing up as your favorite superhero or villain, make sure you complete the look with a set of these bad-ass Black Steel Spikes.

Hand Spikes Sharp Steel Set

These traditional ninja climbing tools are designed to be worn on your hands, giving you the extra edge you need to scrambled up walls and scale buildings. Made from heavy duty steel with a midnight black finish, these spikes are built to last. And with an adjustable wrist strap, they'll fit almost anyone.

1300XT (XMRE )

XMRE® 1300XT is a product that will not only last but will provide you with the energy and sustenance you need in the field. With a shelf life of three years, this product is perfect for those who need a reliable source of nutrition that doesn't require any water to prepare. Simply open and enjoy the fully cooked meal within. With this snack, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality, nutritious meal no matter where your travels take you.

Camo Jumbo Shammy Green

This versatile and super absorbent shammy is perfect for all your cleaning needs. Made from high quality materials and German engineering, this shammy is built to last. It's also safe for all surfaces, so you can use it on your car, truck, boat, RV, or even your dog without worry. The camo fabric is also great for drying off after a swim or a workout.

Glow Dots (Embrite)

The brightest, longest lasting 'glow-in-the-dark' discs on the market! Perfect for night time activities or identifying friends and foes in low light conditions, these miniature dots pack a powerful punch of light that will last for hours. Made with our proprietary Embrite technology, you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best possible performance out of your Glow Dots.

Box Content Valued at Over $100