Survivor Supplies: Needed for a Survival Kit

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A survival kit is mandatory for any survival scenario and, the supplies in it are quite essential since you can't predict what can go wrong in terms of emergency or at your outdoor escapade. Notwithstanding, the circumstances you will be facing require specific survival supplies to avoid placing your life at risk or in danger. Consider this as a basic need for surviving anywhere you tend to be and a must-have in your survivor kit.

Survivor Supplies List for a Survival Kit

Want to know what a basic survival kit or box for outdoor adventures or emergency disasters may seem to contain? The survival supplies list got the ten items to put into consideration below;

  • Air filter (Dust Mask)
  • Water
  • Food (non-perishable and easy to prepare)
  • Firestarter
  • Flashlight
  • First aid materials
  • Signal tools
  • Local Maps
  • Communication media (cell phone or radios)
  • Multi-purpose equipment

Supplies Needed for Survival as a Survivor

A disaster outbreak or emergency preparedness is a conscious act of keeping proper supplies well-stocked in a bag you would need for survival during an uncertain time in the outdoor environment.

Before fending for these supplies needed for your survival, have the understanding of the priorities that you can survive three minutes without air, three hours outside your core body temperature, three days without water, and three weeks without food.

Thus, increasing the chance of coming out alive in all extreme conditions requires having these right survival items;

  • Water: Among the necessities of life and you can't live up without it for more than 72 hours. Having come with your water can isn't much of assurance to sustain you and to search for water in the wild requires making it clean before drinking. Come along with a water filter to save yourself from becoming sick from the source of drinking dirty water.
  • Food: Think more about energy conserving foods, non-perishable to stay overtime and can be easily cooked. Frankly, sachet foods are best to go with and can supplement with other things that you would get from the wild.
  • Firestarter: Fire is a remedy for surviving the cold despite putting on proper clothing and having shelter over you. Put in something that would help lit up the firewoods or fuel to chase out predators and as well make appropriate meals. Be it matches or other light starters having the skill of tending a light is essential because it will keep it long enough to serve its purpose.
  • Flashlight: To ensure you aren't shrouded in absolute darkness which might disorient your adventure, the torchlight should come into consideration. A reliable flashlight for an outdoor is lightweight and has its source of recharging as either solar or battery. Remember to pack extra batteries and a solar panel.
  • Navigation Map: Your GPS becomes inaccessible once your phone goes off. A map or compass is reliable for finding your route safely at all times. Take an extra step in learning how to read them beforehand so they would become a more useful asset.
  • First-Aid Materials: At the moment you obtain injuries or cut is an urgent situation to arrest with first aid items which should be easily accessible at all times. A simple pressure dressing can stop bleedings.┬áIn case you lack experience, try to include a first-aid manual.
  • Signal Tool: There might be a time you find yourself lost or in danger and would be needing external help. You might be too weak to shout out, but a signal mirror, whistle, or heliograph can make people aware of your distress and locate you right away.
  • Multi-purpose Equipment: They are tools that can help you do more for your protection while outside. With a saw, you can cut big branches or logs for making firewoods and building shelter. A knife gives you a better substitute in skinning your hunt, sharpen sticks and other materials.

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