The Best 11 Amazing Beaches for Camping in the U.S. in 2022

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When you think of camping, do you think about tents and campfires? Or maybe hammocks and open spaces? Camping is a fantastic way to spend time with your friends or family, but it can be hard to find the perfect Beaches for Camping in the U.S.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of the best beaches for camping in America, so you'll never have an excuse not to go. They each offer something different: some are secluded while others are close by restaurants; some provide fishing spots while others provide surfing waves. These beaches have sand, waves, palm trees, and all sorts of other things to keep everyone entertained while they're not at work! The best thing about these beaches is that they won't require much planning before your trip since most will provide a campsite right near the beach with restrooms nearby; however, it's always important to remember sunscreen and bug spray as well!

If you're looking for the perfect place to set up your tent, look no further than this list! The Best Beaches for Camping in America And How To Prepare For It. The United States is blessed with numerous scenic beaches where you can have a great camping experience.

First, there is the West Coast which stretches from Washington to California and has good campgrounds. At the same time, the East Coast caters to all camping needs. For example, you can choose the sunny beaches of Florida or head over to Maryland for a once-in-a-lifetime camping experience. A critical feature of most camping sites in the U.S. is that people can swim and enjoy the beaches during the day before gathering around the bonfire at night.

Moreover, most camping sites will allow you to come as close as possible to the water. In some instances, you can even use your R.V. for camping.Without further ado, here are the best beaches for camping in the U.S.

Bodega Bay, California

Northern California hosts many exciting beaches, but Bodega Bay is the best when it comes to camping. Bodega Bay is a small town located in Sonoma County, California. To the north of Bodega Bay are two state parks: Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales State Park. Both offer hikers scenic views while protecting local species like whales and deer that inhabit these areas.

The calm waters provide an oasis for humans and animals looking to escape from hot weather conditions inland closer to San Francisco or Sacramento, respectively! The bay stretches for more than 17 miles and is a few kilometers from Sonoma State Park. Oceanview sunrises and idyllic walks by the beach in the evening are standard features at Bodega Bay.

The experience can be more exciting if you are a registered camper, as you will have access to extra amenities such as flush toilets and picnic tables. More importantly, you will also have unlimited access to the Bodega Dunes Campground with all its excellent facilities, such as hot water tubs. The camping costs for unregistered campers usually start at $35 per day for eight people. 

If you want to visit this campsite, you have to make a reservation at least 48 hours before your trip. On the other hand, you can make reservations up to six months before your trip.

Hunting Island, South Carolina

This state park is located a few miles from Beaufort, and it is one of the most popular vacation sites in South Carolina. Hunting Island is a small barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. Its beaches are some of the most pristine in all southern coastal areas, and it's one of only two islands where hunting on private property isn't allowed (by law). Hunting Island may be an hour away from Charleston or Savannah, but its wildlife refuge attracts many visitors who want to see deer roaming wild through palm trees amid blue skies and white dunes.

Hunting Island covers about five miles, most of which consist of expansive beaches and camping sites. The state authorities improved amenities around the island, and many of the camping sites are now served by numerous restrooms and paved roads. This camping site is ideal for amateur campers because it can accommodate R.V.s. There is even a dump station at one of the sites. Each camping site can support about five individuals, provided that they pay about $50 per night.

However, your booking may not go through if you do not want to camp for at least two nights. Most people make the bookings either by phone call or via the park's online platform.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

It may not be easy to access either the East Coast or the West Coast. Thankfully, you can still enjoy some form of beach camping if you head over to Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by over 12 miles of tranquil beaches and a bonus of 21 islands. The majority of these islands have campsites with facilities such as food storage compartments and bonfire rings. You can carry your vault toilets and tent pads, even though some campsites offer these amenities.

One small problem with the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is that you cannot access the area by road. This can be an issue for people who go camping with their recreational vehicles. The prices on the campsite vary depending on the island and type of grounds, but they usually hover between $15 - $20 per person per night. The price can go lower if you are sharing costs with other people.

Long Key, Florida

America's rich and famous used to flock to Long Key State Park at the beginning of the last century. You can relish their experience by heading over to the park where former presidents and celebrities retreated to. Today, the place is not as pricey as it used to be, but it still maintains its tranquility. Some of the campsites are often closed due to hurricanes and storms, but you will never miss an amateur campground where you can rest and do some fishing.

You'll also be pleased with the many amenities in the area, such as modern restrooms and spacious parking. Some campsites even come with tents, grills, and picnic tables. If you are willing to pay about $20 per night, you can start making your reservation today on the website or by phone.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

One of the most extensive camping beaches in the U.S. is the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Mississippi and Florida. You may have a hard time choosing the best camping sites since the beach stretches for over 160 miles.

Moreover, camping is not the only thing offered on this beach — numerous historic sites and hiking trails can be found along the coast. Those coming from Florida can decide to use the camping sites at the Perdido Key Area. If you prefer the Mississippi section, you can select between some islands such as Horn and Cat. This is also one of the camping sites that can only be accessed by boat.

The upside is that you won't need to buy a camping permit, although there are several regulations you must follow when setting up your tent. Also, keep in mind that there are few amenities on-site, so you should come with enough camping gear.

Olympic National Park

Some camping beaches are near some greenery and forests. The Olympic National Park near Seattle in Washington state is one such park. This long stretch of coastline has a beautiful beach where you can do your camping. Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the beach camping experience, you can do some hiking in the nearby forests. Kalaloch and South Beach are the most scenic camping sites at the Olympic National Park.

These camping sites charge meager prices per night, sometimes as low as $10 per person. Due to these low prices, the camping site is usually fully booked. Consequently, you are encouraged to make your booking early enough. Kalaloch is the most visited camping site, and its prices can go as high as $25 per person per night.

In addition, this camping site is located in a scenic area with world-class amenities, such as bonfire areas, portable water sites, and flush toilets. You are required to make reservations two or three months before your trip. When selecting your camping site, make sure that it has extensive access to the Pacific Ocean so that you can enjoy the best beach camping in Washington.

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

If you're living in Providence, Boston, or any of the major cities in New England, your next camping experience is not far away. Located less than 70 miles from Boston is the Horseneck Camping Site. Although the camping site runs for about two miles, it is punctuated by several breathtaking sceneries and activities.

As soon as you set up a tent, you can start engaging in several exciting activities such as bird watching, fishing, and windsurfing. If you are physically challenged, the park provides wheelchairs to ease your mobility.

Similarly, many paved roads are connecting the campsites to amenities and picnic sites. Once you get your permit and pay $22 per night, you will be set for the best camping experience in New England. You will find rare amenities such as volleyball courts, classy picnic tables, and flush toilets at the campsite.

In some cases, you may even find a campsite with hot showers. The size of the camp varies, but most of the campsites will support about four people, two cars, and three tents.

Padre Island National Seashore

Social media is full of images of the Gulf Coast beaches, but the authentic camping experience is located farther north at the North Padre Islands. This is one of the most extensive beaches in the United States, with visitors enjoying over 130,000 acres of beach land. Similarly, several campsites in the area have proximity to exciting activities such as windsurfing and kayaking.

The campsite management has divided the place into two sections, one for tents and another for recreational vehicles. The rest of the space is filled with recreational areas such as picnic tables and gaming sites. Nevertheless, it would help if you still got enough supplies before you head over to this camp.

The cost is pretty low, with most people paying about $8 per day. Another good thing about these camping sites is that you don't have to book in advance. You can walk up to the reception center and pay for the camping site.

Assateague Island National Seashore

How about beach camping in the middle of a city? The Assateague Island National Seashore offers the best of city life as well as beach camping experiences. Assateague Island is a mix of dunes, marshes, and bogs with abundant wildlife, including deer and waterfowl. The park's barrier island location offers views from the mountains to the bay at low tide and opportunities for fishing in freshwater ponds and saltwater tidal creeks that border much of this area on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The spectacular Assateague National Seashore stretches along 2 miles (3 kilometers) or more than 37 acres ("c" m²).

This "island-in-the-sea" lies behind its namesake - a historic lighthouse built by Confederate veterans during the Civil War era - guarding one side of Chincoteague Bay while facing Virginia Beach across. This Maryland camping site is ideal for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and game drives. For instance, you can wake up from the tent and run into wild horses on your way to the beach. If you're traveling alone or with a couple of friends, you can choose to go in a small R.V. or a car. This option will cost you about $30 per night, but you will have access to fire rings and picnic tables.

There will also be opportunities for hot showers and chemical toilets. There's no limit to the time of the year when you can travel to this campsite since it is open throughout the year. Nevertheless, you must make a booking three to four months in advance.

Napali Coast State Wilderness Park

Kauai's north shore is home to many colorful sea cliffs. There are many natural attractions, and the white sand beaches are sometimes covered with sea turtles and monk seals. If you choose to visit this campsite in Hawaii, you don't have to pack any picnic tables because the campsite authorities will provide them. Similarly, you are free to choose your ideal camping site as long as it's a few meters away from the ocean. You will budget for about $15 per person per night if you are a Hawaii resident and $20 per person per night if you come from out of state.

Jalama Beach County Park

Santa Barbara is proud to host one of the most exclusive beach parks in the United States: Jalama Beach County Park. This park offers several vacation activities such as wildlife viewing and beach camping. Lovers of bird watching can also find a sanctuary in one of the campsites. There are about 107 campsites at the Jalama Beach County Park. Each of these camping sites has panoramic views of the beach or the ocean.

Moreover, you can comfortably accommodate about two vehicles and eight adults in a single campsite. The cost of staying in the camp for one night varies, but it's usually about $50. Some of the sites that are not near the ocean will cost less. Also, you will need to book in advance if you hope to get a premium site on the beach.

How to Prepare for Beach Camping in Extreme Conditions

Not every camping trip will be full of excitement and joy. You can quickly exhaust your supplies, run out of clean drinking water, or even lose contact with the rest of your team. If you don't have enough drinking water and the sun's rays are getting hotter every minute, you will become dehydrated. So, how can you prepare for camping in extreme environments?


The most important thing that you must think of when you are lost on the beach is how to stay hydrated. There are some things you can do:

  • You can carry a water collector to store extra drinking water. Some backpacks can also hold water from the lake, nearby mangroves, or even the rain.
  • If you don't have a backpack, you can use your hat, as long as it's made of water-resistant material.
  • If you want to design your water bottle, you will need to do some water filtration. For this, you need to carry a towel to filter the water and then find any objects that can hold this water.


You may think that you have packed enough food for the camping trip, but sometimes you can exhaust your supplies before the camping trip is over. When this happens, your priority will be to stay alive until fresh food supplies arrive. You will need to find some food by yourself. Fortunately, hunting and fishing can supplement your food stores. You can create a fishing net if you have a camping tent with a net-like rooftop and use it for fishing. The fish can sustain you for a few days or even weeks. If you're not lucky with the fishing, you can engage in some hunting exercises. Therefore, you must carry a camping knife.

First, you need to find some straight sticks. You will have to take one of the sticks and turn it into an arc using your knife. Once the stick has the correct curvature, you can tie a rope from both ends of the stick. Your next step will be to create a small notch where you insert a string. Remember that your rope should be shorter than the stick itself. Next, please take one of the other sticks and sharpen it at one end. The sharp stick will be your arrow, and it can be used for fishing or hunting.


If your tent is still intact, then you still have a roof over your head. Nevertheless, it would be best to take some measures to keep the heat, cold, and animals away. A great beach camping trip is that you can use your tent roof in a place with plenty of tall trees or shrubs. For instance, you can tie the top of your roof to one of the tree trunks. You can also use some branches to cover the tent sides so that it's almost hidden.

First Aid

If somebody gets sick during the beach camping trip, you will need to transport them to a medical facility. Since you are unlikely to have a stretcher at the camping site, you can use a roof cloth to transport the person, provided that two people lift the fabric from both sides. If there's a case of bleeding, you can use a towel to clean the area around the wound.

However, it would be unwise to clean the wound itself. You can also tie a small cloth around the wound to stop the bleeding. Remember, though, that you are strongly encouraged not to conduct any further medical exercises unless you are a qualified physician.

Bottom Line

The best beaches for camping in the U.S. are pretty much anywhere you want to go. Still, some stand out as excellent choices if you're looking for a place with relatively easy access and plenty of amenities nearby. If you're feeling ambitious, check out the Everglades National Park or any beach near Cape Hatteras - both offer a fantastic opportunity to experience nature without sacrificing all your creature comforts.

Of course, not everyone can make it so far south during their time off from work; many people will find they have only one day free and need something closer to home (or at least within driving distance). In this case, we recommend heading north up towards Washington State's Olympics. Few things are as exciting as spending your evenings inside a tent on a beach.

However, before you embark on your next beach camping experience, you must know the top beach camping spots in the U.S. And how you can survive extreme camping experiences. You can also contact us for more information.