Conflagration Emergency Supplies

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Survive a wildfire!

Defeat the ravages of challenging flames with proper preparation. Be several steps ahead of danger. With this specialized equipment you will be ready to face the risks of a forest fire.

Conflagration Emergency Supplies box includes:

Mayday Pouch Water (5 bags)

This 4.225 ounce pouch of emergency water has a 5-year shelf life, so you can be confident it will be there when you need it most. It's purified and sterilized, so you can drink it with peace of mind, and sealed in an airtight pouch to prevent leaks. Plus, it won't break down like plastic bottles, so you can rely on it in any situation. Keep a few pouches on hand in your home, office, car, or school, and be ready for anything.

Fire escape mask

This mask is made with durable, heat-resistant materials that will protect your lungs from harmful smoke and debris. The easy-to-use design makes putting it on a breeze, so you can focus on getting to safety. 

Fire emergency blanket

This versatile blanket can be used to extinguish fires of all kinds, and can also be wrapped around your body for protection from heat. Made from 100% glass, this blanket is durable and long-lasting, with no expiration date. It comes in a red vinyl bag that fits snugly on a wall, protecting it from harsh UV rays, chemicals, and moisture. 

ReadyWise 2.5-Serving Emergency Food Supply (2 bags)

These durable, storable food pouches can keep your rations fresh on the shelf for up to 15 years, making them perfect for any long-term emergency situation. And each entrée is easy to prepare, using just water - so you can be sure you'll have a hot meal even in the most dire circumstances.

Rock climbing rope high strength

This rope is a must-have for any survivalist. It's made of high quality polyester material and is very strong and durable. It has a diameter of 10mm and can withstand a max tensile force of 24KN. Plus, it only weighs 80g/meter, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

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