Сonquer Biological Apocalypse

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Biological threats are latent in society. Being prepared for the catastrophe is up to you.

Survival Box shields you with the best products to face the challenges of a biological warfare.

Conquer Biological Apocalypse box includes:

No Touch Door Opener

This nifty little tool easily opens doors without coming into contact with any germs or other viruses. It also comes with a stylus to use on public electronic screens and elevator buttons. Keep it handy in your pocket or keychain for everyday carry.

Membrane Solutions Water filter

Portable, long-lasting, and adaptable for any scenario, with 4 stages of filtration of chlorine, residues, and any harmful substance. Perfect for purifying water from the most polluted environments.

XVEN Ultrasonic Pe st Repeller

his innovative device plugs into any standard electrical outlet and uses ultrasonic technology to get rid of pests in your home, office, warehouse, or garden. There's no noise emitted from the repeller, so it's perfect for homes with children or pets. Plus, the XVEN is effective against a wide range of pests, including spiders, cockroaches, rats, and more. So don't suffer from unwanted guests anymore.

FREEMOVE Hydration Bladder and Cooler Bag

This military style hydration pack is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the heat, whether you’re hiking, biking, or just out and about in the sun. The 2 liter water bladder will keep you hydrated all day long, while the insulated cooler bag ensures that your water stays cold and refreshing. You’ll love all the features of this hydration pack, including the large fill opening that makes it easy to refill the bladder, and the fact that it ads no bad or plastic taste to the water.

Biological Warfare Tape

Practical, easy to use for any adventure, long-lasting, and large storage capacity with an internal organizer. Multipurpose type, versatile, resistant, and efficient for any surface and environment. Waterproof and long durability, stronghold, and firmness.

Disinfectant Sprayer Steam

his powerful little machine is equipped with 8 strong light grains to effectively assist in sterilization. The ordinary temperature atomization design is safer than high-temperature atomization, so no preheating is required. Not only does the mist sprayer make cleaning solution more effective, but it also prevents the generation of harmful gases. Plus, with a 800ml (27oz) container capacity, you can disinfect a large area in one go! The detachable copper nozzle and internal conduit are designed for anti-clogging.

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