Electricity-Free Tools

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Most EMP attacks come from one of three sources: nuclear explosions, EMP bombs, and intense solar events like extreme weather in space (yes, really, especially in relation to the sun.) EMP attacks could force whole countries to live without any kind of a power grip source for potentially years at a time.

Electricity-Free Tools box includes:

Faraday Cage EMP/ESD Bags Premium 5pc Thick

layer bags feature 2 layers of metal moisture barrier for ultimate protection 40db EMI attenuation, work great as black hole bags 30lb Puncture Resistance Heavy Duty Ziplok.

Snake Eye Pepper Spray 1/2 Oz With Camo GBW Sheath Key Chain

Snake Eye 1/2 Oz Pepper Spray Self Defence Spray Includes Key Ring 12 Shot Blast upto 10ft Non- Toxic & Non-Flammable.

USB Hand Dynamo Charger

Micro USB charging, solar powered charging, manual hand crank to wind up the internal battery ; Can help people in hurricane or storm weather.


7-IN-1 MULTITOOL: Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, Carabiner, Firestarter, Bottle Opener, 1/4 " Hex Bit driver, O2 Wrench, The Hex and O2 wrench double as hang slots for keys

Sunstream pro Combo Pack

This pack includes a patent-pending solar panel with a built-in USB port for charging your devices directly from the sun, as well as a companion battery/flashlight for storing power. The SunStream Pro is also recommended for GPS units, small action cameras, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and other 5V USB devices.

Xmre 1300XT

XMRE 1300XT meals are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a  nutritious and delicious meal. With a 3 year shelf life, they're perfect for any outdoor activity or emergency situation.

Box Content Valued at Over $100