How to prepare for a Wildfire: The need of Survival box

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Wildfires in California: Survive this Emergency and Disaster

There are a series of ongoing burning fires with regards to California wildfire season that is more severe than predicted, due to the moderate or high drought conditions in various areas of the state. California wildfires are presumed to last for a while and come to a halt with the first significant rainstorm. As usual, this should be around October and November -December for Northern California and Southern California respectively.

California Wildfires 2020 - What's in for California wildfire season?

During this unprecedented time, the general public's safety is always the number one priority here. Therefore, the National Interagency Coordination Center(NICC) made it known that: "a large fire potential is expectedly to increase in October and November for wind prone areas across the state". As recorded in history, the California wildfires 2020 is the largest so far in the state having that about 7.5K+ fire incidents have burned over 2.2M acres, destroyed 4.2K structures, and caused fatalities as a result of climate change. Thus, the governor declared a state of emergency.

The current wildfires in California are causing total blackouts since the lights go off once the winds arrive to avoid enhancing the fire burns. On this note, most people are evacuating their homes because the fire is rapidly spreading into their regions or towns.

California Wildfires - 5 major current wildfires in California

Here are the notable California fires that are contributing to this course;

  • North Complex Fires: started as a lightning strike in the Plumas National Forest and increased to the western side of the complex. As a result of high winds, the fire spreads at the rate of 1,000 acres/30 minutes. Having only 38% containment, evacuations of people from the affected areas are mandatory.
  • Creek Fire: this has no containment as it is fast-moving and dangerous. Destroyed homes of residents as it is burning in Sierra National Forest in Fresno County. Exhibiting extreme fire behavior due to high fuel load from dead trees therein.
  • El Dorado Fire: During a gender reveal party in San Bernardino county, it broke out from a smoke generating pyrotechnic device. With 16% containment, it burned in four different locations while complicating the resolve response.
  • Valley Fire: 11% containment since its start from San Diego County, hence injury incurs, acres, and structures destruction are an occurrence due to a lot of dead fuels supporting fire burning.
  • August Complex: began in Mendocino National Forest by 37 individual lightning. Though with 24% containment, it clears acres across five counties and is termed as the fourth-largest fire seen in the state.

Others, as sourced from desert philanthropy, includes Red Salmon Complex, SCU Lightning Complex, LNU Lightning Complex, CZU August Lightning Complex, etc.

California Fires: Prepare to prevent wildfire

There will be an increasingly wind-down of burning fires in October. During this period - likely for possible evacuation, requires you getting over with;

  • Creating a wildfire action plan
  • Securing or purchasing Emergency Preparedness SURVIVAL BOX
  • Leaving a communication memo for contacting

You don't have to wait for an evacuation order when you can see the fire warnings or awareness. Early movements assure avoidance of road congestion and aid the firefighters for proper dispense of their duties. As recommended, plan your destinations and save yourself the stress off without worrying about needful items for emergency or disaster, when you can order a Survival Box. Additionally, in line with the pandemic, try wearing your masks not just only for the sake of Coronavirus transmission but in preventing inhalation of wildfire smokes to maintain respiratory health.

Nevertheless, studies show humans are the major cause of wildfires. Avoid burning off debris, or using anything that has the potential of igniting a fire be cautious of inflammable materials.