CYBER Faraday Fabric Adhesive EMF RF Shielding Nickel Copper Rip-Stop Fabric Roll – 50″ x 1′

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Product Description

CYBER Faraday Fabric is the EMF RF shielding nickel-copper fabric that you can trust to keep you safe from harmful electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. This tough, rip-stop fabric is 50 inches wide and sold by the foot, so you can customize your level of protection. It's perfect for creating your own shielding tents, tarps, or covers for electronics. And it's not just for indoor use - take it camping or to the beach to stay shielded from EMF exposure even when you're away from home. With CYBER Faraday Fabric, you'll be protected against EMF and RF frequencies wherever you go!

Note: Nickel may produce skin allergies – handle this material with protective gloves. The material is not intended for direct contact with skin. Non-toxic, tasteless, does not decompose to toxic and irritating odor. Can be handled for waste as normal trash.