CYBER Faraday Fabric EMF RF Shielding Light Filtering Fine Mesh Roll – 50″ x 1′

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Product Description

Do you find yourself constantly bombarded by EMFs? Are you looking for a way to reduce the amount of radiation in your life? Look no further than our CYBER Faraday Fabric! This ingenious shielding material can help block out harmful radiation, allowing you to lead a healthier, safer life. It's also great for filtering out light, making it perfect for use in dark rooms or at night. Plus, it comes in a roll so you can cut it to size and use it however you need! Make sure to get your hands on some CYBER Faraday Fabric today!

Note: Nickel may produce skin allergies – handle this material with protective gloves. The material is not intended for direct contact with skin. Non-toxic, tasteless, does not decompose to toxic and irritating odor. Can be handled for waste as normal trash.