Dead On Tools Annihilator Wrecking Bar

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Product Description

The Annihilator Wrecking Bar from Dead On Tools is the perfect tool for demolitions and general hammering uses. The black finish and heavy forged steel construction with black rubber grip create perfect balance, while the overall weight-to-length ratio provides optimum control. The demolition hammer is great for breaking down hard surfaces, and the board straightener adjusts boards into the proper position before tacking. The nail puller/tile ripper comes in handy for removing nails and tiles, while the demolition axe rips through drywall, wood, shingles, and strips conduit. With its multi-purpose wrench/nail puller, it is perfect for releasing concrete forms, as well as general uses. The chisel is great for smashing, cracking and chipping away tile, brick, and other hard materials. This wrecking bar is a must-have for any job site.